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A wellness app for your Apple watch

wellness app for your Apple watch

You may have long forgotten any New Year resolutions you made regarding improving your health. Summer gives you a second chance to get back on track. There is a brand new health app to help you with your goals by Owaves, a small lifestyle medicine technology start-up based in Encinitas, California.

The app called Wellness GPS is designed to help users prioritize health and wellness goals and stay focused on them throughout the day. The system (patent-pending), while seemingly simple to the user, combines fundamental elements of three new and innovative sectors of healthcare: lifestyle medicine, circadian biology and mindfulness.

While the iPhone and iPad app versions of the software currently rank at the top 1% of productivity apps downloaded on iTunes globally, with the release of the Apple Watch the software can use the technology with the full circle vision.

How does this system work? Wellness GPS is the first day-planner in the world designed to help you prioritize healthy activities such as exercise, sleep, and nutrition as well as traditional work and errands. It also has a colorful, vibrant interface to plan your day. Connecting your day-plan with a smartwatch allows easy on-the-go access for re-orientation throughout the day as a “re-center” rather than hyper-connect with your devices. The smartwatch also serves the dual purpose of allowing you to track your activities as well.

“It functions like a wellness beacon,” describes Owaves founder and CEO, Royan Kamyar, M.D., MBA. “Our mission is to help folks re-center rather than hyperconnect with their technology devices.” The Owaves Apple Watch app allows users to visualize and ultimately track their personal “O” or wellness plan throughout the day.

Owaves, a lifestyle medicine technology company, uses a multitude of talent by including input from the founders of the American College of Lifestyle Medicine and UC San Diego’s Center for Circadian Biology, as well as from the Salk Institute, Qualcomm, Gaiam and the US Olympic Team.

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