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Weekend storm to bring rain, snow


It will be a cool, cloudy weekend in Southern California, with off and on showery periods. A late winter-type storm pattern will establish itself off the Northern California coast, bringing several waves of moisture, the strongest of which is expected late Sunday into Monday morning.

This weekend’s anticipated storms are the result of two to three impulses rotating around an upper level low forecast to drift south to a position off the Northern California coast.  It appears that by late Sunday, the combination of vorticity, enhanced moisture and winds aloft will result in cold, wet and unstable weather conditions.  Rainfall totals of one to two inches, with snow in local mountain areas as low as 4500 feet, can be expected.

Not unusual for this time of year, spring storms in Southern California tend to be fast-moving, relatively brief and often windy. Precipitation tends to be limited, because frontal passage typically is followed by strong high pressure with resultant rapid clearing and strong west to northwest winds.

By Monday morning, the storm is expected to be over Southern Nevada, with improvement to partial clearing, breezy to windy conditions, and slowly warming daytime temperatures. It appears a second similar spring storm may affect Southern California a week from this Thursday.

At the present time, any radioactivity from Japan would be significantly diluted by the combination of time, distance, AND weather factors–and in terms of parts per million, would likely pose less of a health hazard than even a slightly smoggy day in Los Angeles.

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