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Volunteers sought by rescuers to avert ‘September tragedy’

September tragedy

Unexpected circumstances have put a new burden on the rescue group Kitty Devore Rescue Network, which was highlighted in an article last week entitled “Above and Beyond the Call of Duty.”

Animal rescue is a highly complex affair which involves many individuals interacting in different roles, and when one ‘element’ of the rescue chain fails, the entire process can break down. As a result, animals, (specifically cats and kittens in this instance) wholly dependent on rescuers such as Kitty Devore, can and will be left to perish at San Bernardino County’s Devore Shelter.

This Southland county is strapped financially, and has neither the space nor resources to indefinitely house stray, abandoned, or otherwise uncared for kittens and cats.

Kitty Devore (KD) operates on an extremely tight and limited budget, and often overextends itself to meet the needs of Devore’s cats often facing certain euthanasia within as few as five days of intake at Devore.

Recently, KD experienced a loss of some of their foster volunteers. Because of this development, and KD’s policy of taking care of those already in their fold, all previously anticipated rescues from the Devore shelter have been suspended, until new fosterers can be found to replace those longer able to continue their obligations.

KD’s posts on Facebook this Sunday morning allude to a “September of death” for cats currently categorized as “urgently” in need of rescue, with their days numbered. In conversations with KD representatives, they wished to emphasize that presently KD is the only group actively rescuing from Devore, there are no other organizations engaged in rescue efforts. In the words of Rescue Coordinator Lisa Frederickson Olson “we are IT for these kitties. Without KD- very few kitties will get out of devore alive.

In a bid to avert a repeat of a similar situation last September, KD’s co-founder Rene McElwee posted an urgent plea to the group’s members via Facebook asking for new fosters for the 13 cats presently in need. Anyone can adopt or volunteer to foster for KD, there is an application process obtainable.

Sadly, last September was a disastrous month for KD because rescuing had to be suspended for the entire month. In her message to KD members this Sunday morning, Mc Elwee writes: “We also had to suspend pulling throughout the entire month of (last) September. The other day I went looking for a particular photo thread for a cat and visited the September Rescued and Adopted album and was overwhelmed with sadness – because there are so few cats in that album. Less than 20, I think – and there were so many admitted that month. They all died. If you look in the September Rest in Peace album, it’s the most depressing thing because there are just as many Friendlies (adoptable cats) in that album as there are RO’s (rescue only cats). “And that is what we’re facing again if we remain suspended – another September of death.”

To reiterate, volunteers are sorely needed at this point, to apply click on the link mentioned above.

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