Using GPS Tracking Devices to Catch a Cheating Spouse

GPS Tracking Devices to Catch a Cheating Spouse

It hurts, it depresses and it kills your confidence and spirit. Infidelity is the worst thing that can happen to someone. Everything might be running smoothly in your relationship and all of a sudden, you begin to feel distant from your partner, they come home late, they begin to socialize with new people and keep making excuses why they missed a family event.
This can be interpreted into many things. Don’t rush accusing them of cheating. It might be a change in the work schedule that is forcing them to stay up late or meet new people. But if you feel like something is wrong, trust your instincts.

Some people have however gone into extreme measures to know the truth. Who would blame them anyway? You don’t wasn’t to rush into making a decision. If you don’t have the guts to call the cheaters Program, you can track and spy on your significant other by using the following methods;

Using Smart Phone Applications:

With the introduction and development of the Smart Phones, more and more applications are being designed and launched. Among the new applications, are the Spy Applications. These applications help in monitoring and recording all the data from the target phone. You however need to have the target phone with you to install the application.

Once the application is installed on the target phone, the application icon is hidden in that it runs on the background. The application records the text messages, voice call conversations and locations. You monitor these data remotely through the account you created when installing the application.
In order for the target phone to send the data, it needs to have access to an internet connection. The application records the data even when offline, and once the phone is connected to the internet, it fetches the data and displays it in the monitoring account.
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There are free and premium applications, depending on your budget. The best free application is The Truth Spy.

Using the GPS Tracking Devices on Vehicles:

If getting access to your spouse’s phone can complicate things, you can opt for this option. Even though it might not give you all the data you need other than the location, it might help you identify whether your spouse is lying about their whereabouts.

Most of these devices have magnets that make placing them an easy task. You are advised to hide the device in allocation that your spouse might not find them. If your spouse realizes you are spying on them and they are actually cheating on you, it might make it easy for them to cheat because they will use new tactics. They might decide to dump the vehicle when on their extracurricular activities’, or use a different phone to contact their partner in crime’. Be careful not to expose your tracking methods to them.

How exactly does the GPS tracking device work?

The GPS tracking devices will help in exposing every location your significant other has travelled. If they come home late and say they were in the office, while the GPS data shows they were in a motel, that raises red flags.

It also shows the real-time location of your partner. Some cheating partners text their spouse telling them they will be running late due to work related issues, or they will be attending a seminar in the weekend or they are hanging out with their work buddies. The GPS tracking system can feed you live data of where your spouse actually is. This way, you can know whether they are lying to you or not.

There are two types of GPS Tracking Systems;
Passive system and Real-Time system. All these are good in their own way.
The Passive system or sometimes referred to as GPS Tracking Key has the following functions;

It documents the locations travelled by your spouse.
It records the addresses stops made by your spouse.
Doesn’t require any monthly services.

 The device can be mounted anywhere due to its magnetic properties.

It has been effective for many years. All you do is place the device on your spouse’s vehicle and later on remove it and plug it in your computer through the USB port. It will show all the data you need.

The Real-Time GPS system shows data as it is happening. You won’t need to remove and return the tracking device from your spouse’s vehicle. All you need is a computer and monitor the location in real time. SilverCloud tracker has been the popular choice for many who chose this option.


Spying on and tracking someone without their consent is a crime. If however you feel like you need certainty and closure, you can use the above methods and learn the truth yourself. Put aside your paranoia and know if your instincts are true or if you are reading too much into the situation.

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