Your Tinder Profile is Secretly Ranked, So Beware While Swiping


A recent examination found that the popular online dating app Tinder tracks the success rate based on the photos uploaded by the users on the dating platform.

The online dating app boasts with 9.6M active users every day with about 1.4B swipes each day, and knowing how likable the users are on the app is tracked by the Tinder. All the users is the dating app are tracked to find out how often the users are likely to get their profile right swiped and in Tinder the success rate depends on the photos that are posted by the users. The online dating app’s mobile phone feature is used to calculate the amount of right swipes a photo gets and the app will arrange them in an order so that the photos will be more likely to desirable.

How like is the profile on the dating app?

A score is measured by the online dating app that ranks the most and the least people likable by the swiping motion on the service; however, the dating app does not publicize the score. The internal rating by the dating company is named as the ‘Elo score’ that used in the chess game to rank the players based on their skill set.

This kind of rating system helps the company determine the user base so as to facilitate the users with a potential match and by using this method the dating app company can actually surface potential matches depending on the score compatibility. The main thing about the Elo score is that, it is the score that determines the likeability of a profile and is not the attractiveness of the photo on the profile. And it took the company a solid 2 and half months to design the algorithm, because to determine the likeability of a person, the algorithm must consider a lot of factors in the app.

The ranking system will deliberately match the users more accurately based on the profilers with whom they are matched.

It is a vast voting system

In the Tinder platform, the users have to use the swipe motion to select the matches and the user has to swipe right if they like a match and swipe left if they don’t. Each time when a user swipes a profile right, then that particular profile is considered to be a likable profile. However, the reason behind swiping a profile right depends on various reasons like the biography of the person or the attractiveness or anything. Therefore, all these details are considered while considering the ranking of the profile.

In the online dating app, the users swiping the profile to the right is more generic as people are very much polarized even on the photo level, there are some people who love the shaven face, while some desire the facial hair. The same thing goes with every photo, like the excessive outdoor shots, photos with wild and pet animals, any kind of physical activity, skydiving or parasailing or tattoos.

The concept of ranking the users is not for the technology companies, and in the gig economy the service providers and the consumer base on the whole rank each other with the rating system that helps many companies like the Uber, Lyft, Airbnb and TaskRabbit to identify the people who cause bad deeds to the company and eliminate them from the organization.

As the rating is not public, the users do not know their ranking in the Elo score. But the analytics team has all the details; they can use the email address of the user to pull out the personal information. The data will contain the details about the number of people, who have swiped right and swiped left and other details pertaining to the profile.

The success rate of male and female differs

On an average, the success rate of the profiles varies depending on the type of profile. There are different types of profile available including the homosexual men, heterosexual women and heterosexual men, etc. The heterosexual male photos had an average ranking of 16 percent, as only less than 1/5th of the women swiped right and the heterosexual female photos received 52 percent because over half of the men in Tinder have swiped right to those profiles.

While the success ranking for the homosexual men was between the average score of the heterosexual male and female- the success score was 35 percent.

Statistic system to analyze the desirable rate of a profile

The Elo score is the term used in the chess game to refer to the skill strength of a person and the same kind of scoring methodology is followed in the online dating app Tinder to identify the desirability of a profile.

According to the dating app, if a profiler with higher Elo score swipes right to a profiler with a low Elo score rate, then that profiler receives a sizeable amount of boom because an attractive person had like their profile. And as a result, if top Elo scorer starts liking the profiler, then their score will also keep increasing. This will give everyone on the app to meet their potential match very soon.

Also, it is possible to identify the exact number of Facebook friends the profiler has, but not the shared profiles. Therefore, if a person A shares profile with person B, person B will be able to see the date of birth and the total number of Facebook friends person A has.

The dating app stores all the users’ picture in the form of an unsecured format, so that anybody who has the URL of a particular photo can go to the web browser and view the images. This information was found by connecting the mobile phone that has Tinder app to a computer that uses a person as a middle proxy. And it is easy to identify what the online dating app sends to the server. The main reason for all the photos to be stored in an unsecured format is because of the app using the http file format rather than the https format.

While the number of right swiping is advantageous for the profiles with low Elo score, it is difficult for the users to protect their photos that are loaded on the dating platform. Tinder is one of the leading apps that used by many single men and women. The online dating app matches the profiler with a mutual match based on the interests and likes listed by them on the profile and with this information, the profiler receives a list of potential matches from which they can select the profile by swiping to the right and discard the profile by swiping it to the left.

So, with the secret scoring system all the profilers in the dating app will be able to meet with a potential match depending on the desirable factor. And a positive factor about the ranking is that, it is not published in the public forum- as it might lower the self esteem of the profilers with low Elo score.

Probably this year almost all the users in the Tinder platform will be able to find out their partner with the new methodology followed by the analytics team of the Tinder.

About the Author:

Anand Rajendran is the CEO and Co-Founder of ZoPlay, a web design and mobile app development company located in India. Datingo app is the latest dating app created by his company with tinder clone scripts that allows the users to find their matches who have common interests.

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