Steve Niles’ “Breath of Bones” gets film adaptation and “Shrek”‘s director

Breath of Bones

While the domination of the box office by comic book film adaptations is no secret to anyone these days, it is easy to forget that it isn’t just superhero comics by the “big two” which have graced the big screen. Dark Horse Comics in particular has been adept at getting some of the properties they publish into film long before the trend was massively popular – examples include “Barb Wire”, “The Crow”, “The Mask”, and “Hellboy” (and related sequels). This streak will continue as the Hollywood Reporter announced yesterday that the latest Dark Horse property to be translated to film will be “Breath of Bones”.

Published in 2012, “Breath of Bones” was written by Steve Niles (“30 Days of Night”) and Matt Santoro with art by Dave Wachter, the three issue story was recently repackaged into a hardcover collection this year. Taking place in WWII, it follows a rabbi and his son whose village is brought to the attention of the Nazis by a crashed British plane who resort to creating a Golem of legend to defend their town. The artwork by Wachter was good enough to be nominated for a Russ Manning Award that year.

Andrew Adamson has been attached to direct the film, and his producing partners from “Strange Weather” will co-produce the film. Adamson is best known for directing the first two “Shrek” films as well as the first two “Chronicles of Narnia” films in the recent past. Keith Goldberg and Michael Richardson from Dark Horse will produce the film alongside Aron Warner and Jeff Fierson from “Strange Weather”. No script, cast, or release date is known, but such things will be revealed as work on the film advances. One can imagine the Golem himself being a vibrant SFX creation in film, and strike another successful Dark Horse film adaptation for the iconic third party company.

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