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How To Select The Best Dress For The Flower Girl?

he Best Dress For The Flower Girl

So, your daughter has been selected as a flower girl and you want her to look better than the bride? Worry not, we can help you with that. We have created a detailed list of things you may want to know before you go hunting up for the dress for the flower girl. Tick off every point from this list and we assure you that the moment your little princess precedes the bride and groom, everyone would have their eyes fixated on her.

  • Coordinate it with the Wedding Theme: The first thing you may want to remember is that every wedding is different and people usually wear clothes that are in line with the wedding theme. So, it’s wise to find out whether it’s a church wedding or a beach wedding as the dressing style of the flower girl would highly depend on it.
  • Match it with the Bride: If the bride is emotionally close to the flower girl then you may want to choose that dress for the flower girl that matches with the dress of the bride. It will not only make the bride and your little girl happy but it will also dazzle the wedding guests when two beauties look stunning together.
  • Choose a Strong Fabric: When looking for a dress for your little girl, it must be remembered to choose a dress that has a strong fabric. Kids do have a lot of fun at the weddings and run around. You wouldn’t want the dress to be torn up and make your princess sad, would you? Hence, look for strong and fine quality fabrics that last for long.
  • Remember the Season: Almost every little girl gets irritated when she has to wear a tightly fitted dress during summer. She might also catch a cold when playing outdoors if the cloth you have chosen is fragile and lets the air through it during a winter wedding. The best way out is to choose a dress according to the season in which the wedding is to be held.
  • Decide on Length: Length of the dress for the flower girl also plays a vital role in the comfort level of your little girl. There are many length options available in the market like tea length, floor length, etc. Be sure to choose the one your little princess likes best. If you go for tea length, it’s advised to buy matching tights or socks too.
  • Try it Out for Comfort: Finally, you should ensure that your little princess likes the dress and tries it on before the wedding. Don’t wait until the eleventh hour to buy the dress as it may need modifications. Don’t buy it too early as your girl may grow a lot and it may become tight. Opt for getting the delivery just a few weeks before the wedding so that your little princess can rehearse in it and feel comfortable in it.
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