Ninebot Riding Tips for First Timers

Ninebot Riding

The great thing about recent advances in technology is the innovative ways being created to cart us around from A to B. No longer do we just have the options of walking, getting in a car or hopping on public transport. The first electric bicycle was ridden in the 1890’s and since then electrical powered transport has become ever more prominent and elaborate. Just last year, 2015 saw the rise of the hoverboard as kids and adults from around the world drifted effortlessly on paths and walkways. Before that the Ninebot was invented and released, supplying us with a fun and easy method of transport that is perfect for sightseeing trips around cities or just an exciting day out. We think there’s three things you should know before hoping on a Ninebot, so have a read.

Tip Number 1: Stay Alert at All Times

It’s important when riding a Ninebot that you stay alert at all times, this includes knowing what’s behind and in front of you as well as on each side.

Tip Number 2: Take Corners Slowly

The important thing to remember is to lean into the turn, take it slowly and don’t make any sharp movements. Ninebot’s are designed for a comfortable driving experience and companies such as Ninebot work hard to make sure the movement of Ninebot’s is as smooth and safe as possible. A Ninebot should be well built and fun for you to drive, but make sure you take all the necessary precautions.

Tip Number 3: Wear Appropriate Clothing

To make sure you’re safe and prepared for the journey wear appropriate clothing and some protective gear. It is strongly advised to wear a safety helmet, elbow pads, knee pads and palm pads. Another piece of clothing you need to ensure that you’re safe when riding a Ninebot, especially at night, is a high visibility jacket. This will help others to see you coming, making sure that those on foot or other Ninebots are also safe.

Now that you’ve read our three top tips, it’s time to go out and have a go on a Ninebot. Just remember our advice and you’ll be sure you have a fun packed experience. Don’t waste time pedaling around on your bike; Ninebot’s really are the perfect method of transport to see the best that this world has to offer in terms of views and sights, so what are you waiting for!

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