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Man leaves chickens: Angry man pays his taxes with chickens, cops fight chickens

Man leaves chickens

A man leaves his chickens in the lobby of the Oregon Department of Revenue in order to pay his taxes, and after Oregon police department officers were able to “wrangle” with the seven chickens, the abandoned animals were taken to a local animal shelter in Eugene. The chickens are now up for adoption for $15 each.

As reported by ABC News on December 25, the incident occurred last Wednesday afternoon when a very “angry” man came into the lobby of the Oregon Department of Revenue to pay his taxes. The man has been identified by the police as 66-year-old Louis John Adler.

As to why the man left the seven live chickens at the IRS office, police were unable to provide any comment. The Eugene Police Department “could not release why he was allegedly mad at the Department of Revenue.”

Police were able to share that Adler was escorted from the department’s property and given a trespassing notice. If he were to return, he would be charged.

As for the seven live chickens left behind by the upset man in the lobby of the Oregon Department of Revenue, police officers came to the rescue and rounded up the chickens. “Chicken wrangling is not a required skill for police officers,” the police department said in a statement.

After the chickens were successfully “apprehended” on Wednesday afternoon, they were taken to the Greenhill Humane Society in Eugene. According to Cary Lieberman, the shelter’s director, the chickens – named Florin, Jeon, Kina, Leone, Loti, and Penny — will not be returned to the man who left them in order to pay his taxes but that they will be up for adoption for $15 each. “We are looking for a home experienced with chickens and who will keep them as egg-layers and companions rather than send them straight to the pot,” Lieberman said.

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