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What to Look For in an Ad Server Solution

Putting a website live is easy but it’s equally difficult to drive audience and advertisers to your site. It takes months to reach a reasonably good SEO ranking and it’s definitely not a piece of cake to entice advertisers to your site, on your own. Today, websites are basing their revenue models on advertising. They are opening up their websites or digital assets for advertisers to display their ads. This becomes an integral part of their revenue generation model. Placing ads not only gets the website money but also, the process creates awareness about the website in the digital ecosystem.

It’s not a simple process to get advertisers on board. You not only need advertisers to get you money but at the same time, you need to make sure that the ads you are placing are of sufficiently high quality and are relevant to the kind of users who visit your site. After all, ads also become part of your website in some way or the other. Managing adverts and advertisers and ensuring you get the best amount for ad display is not an easy task. Thus it’s best to use ad server solutions that ensure you are effectively able to manage ads and get the most of out your website ad space.

Ad server solutions thus help manage ad space and can help you take your business to the next level. What are some of the important features to look for in an ad server when choosing one for your business?


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  1. Features:

    The ad server that you choose should not only be easy to use but also provides you with rich features which in turn can help the audience with a rich ad experience. Your ad server should allow advertisers to target audience whom they want to. It should allow the advertisers the customizability to choose a date, time and even the number of times the ad needs to be shown. At the end of the day, choose an ad server that makes it easy for your advertisers to reach out to the right sets of the audience and at the same allows gives to access to detailed analytics like views, clicks, revenue earned, etc.
  1. Website experience:

    Many a time, placing an ad slows down the website speed or the website may take a long time to load. The success of your website depends on the online experience you deliver. Make sure that the ads you place do not hamper this customer experience. Choose an ad server solution which ensures that customers who visit your site are able to enjoy the content and don’t consider ads as nuisance or irritants.  
  1. Customer service:

    Customer service in any business is important and for Ad Server Solutions, it’s no different. You should select an ad server solution that can immediately provide you assistance, should there be a technical issue. It should be able to help you with troubleshooting, payment issues or any other challenge that may crop up. Customer service is important, after all, you don’t want to be left in the lurch after purchasing.
  1. Pricing:

    Go for an ad server solution that isn’t heavy in your pocket but also provides you with a number of features and most importantly is easy to install and work with.
  1. Reputation:

    Reputation matters always do a background check to ensure you are dealing with genuine ad server business. Before signing on the dotted line, gain information on how long the said ad server solution has been in business, the number of certifications it has and the kind of reviews or recommendations that its customers have given.
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