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Interesting Facts You Probably Never Knew about Satellites & Direct TV Packages

Never Knew about Satellites & Direct TV Packages

One of the amazing things about living in the 21st Century is that few things are not designed around technology any more. From healthcare to entertainment, it seems as though technology is at the root of everything we do. However, how much do you really know about the technology behind how you receive satellite television, for example? Most of us take those things for granted but it is interesting to learn about just how we are able to get access to satellite entertainment from around the globe and Direct TV packages like you find by following this link.

Why You Only Need to Aim Your Dish OnceHave you ever wondered why your satellite dish never needs to be redirected? The installation team comes out, sets up your dish so that it has a direct ‘line of sight’ to the sky using some small instruments and then that’s it. Your dish is wired to the home and your router box and that’s it. You’re done. Why doesn’t the dish move searching for the satellite that is sending signals?

Actually, that’s the interesting thing. Did you know there are more than 2500 satellites in orbit around the earth at this very moment and more are scheduled to be launched this year alone? When those satellites are sent up into orbit they are sent up to occupy a specific place in space around the orbit of the earth and that’s where they stay relative to the earth’s rotation on its axis.

How a Satellite Stays in Line with Your Dish for Direct TV PackagesNow then, that’s a very brief explanation of what happens but if you are wondering exactly how your dish can stay in direct line with the satellite, here’s a bit about how that works. The orbit of the particular satellite that your dish is receiving a signal from is called a geosynchronous orbit, which is just a technical phrase that means it is going to stay almost exactly where it is relative to planet Earth. When that satellite is launched it reaches a speed of approximately 7,000 mph on its ascent to a distance that is somewhere around 22,000 miles up into space above the earth.

At the speed at which it is launched and upon arriving at its allocated ‘space,’ the satellite will then enter into orbit around the planet at the same speed at which earth is rotating. This means that given everything goes as planned, that particular satellite will always be exactly where it is so that dishes receiving Direct TV packages will always be aimed at that exact satellite at all times. If you’ve never thought about how you can continue receiving uninterrupted programming 24/7, this is why and it’s pretty interesting once you understand it. Isn’t technology great?

Why Satellite Has Less Interference than Many Cable Channels

There is a phenomenon called ‘line noise’ that can often interfere with signals being received by your television or router box. Usually this comes from interference from high voltage power lines near where cables are being run or where your house is located in regards to those power lines. Those who receive cable television programming are often subjected to this interference, not because they live close to power lines but rather because the fiber optic cables that run from the cable company to your home are subjected to these radio waves that are being emitted from high voltage lines somewhere along their path.

In order to get the same level of interference with satellite television, your home would need to be near a sub-station where dozens of lines all connect to be rerouted. Few homes are located in these areas in recent times because of the health related risks associated with living in close proximity to the electromagnetic fields of these high voltage switching stations. What this means to you as a satellite TV subscriber is that you get a direct signal from the sky that isn’t going to be routed through or near those high power lines. The end result means clearer programming at all times because there will be no such interference from line noise.

Higher Quality – Lower CostsAs time goes on, Direct TV packages are getting cheaper and cheaper almost by the day for a few reasons. In the beginning the company that built the satellite and paid all the costs associated with production and launch had to recover the investment before realizing a profit. Many of these satellites have now been orbiting the earth for quite a number of years. By this time the owner of the satellite has received a decent ROI (return on investment) and the profit margin is much greater.

Also, if you factor in that there are no cable lines to run for hundreds of thousands of miles in and out of neighborhoods all over the cable network’s covered areas, satellite companies can afford to offer a greater lineup of channels at a much lower cost. The quality is better because there is less interference from line noise and the cost can be lower because materials and manpower isn’t necessary to run fiber optic cables throughout a network area.

What You Can Conclude from These Few FactsThe very first conclusion you can draw from the fact that there are so many satellites in orbit today, of course not all for the purposes of entertainment, is that satellite services such as Direct TV packages will be getting less and less expensive as time goes on. As explained, there was a valid reason the original packages were so expensive but once startup costs were met, those companies can now afford to reduce pricing to subscribers.

You can also conclude that once the dish is set up without interference like line noise in cable lines, the direct line of sight to the satellite offers reception that is much more dependable. In other words, you get better quality for much less the money. It’s good to know these things because so many of us are still operating under the assumption that satellite packages are as expensive as they were years ago. This is just not the case and it makes perfect sense to make the switch. You simply get more for the money.

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