First look at Marvel’s “Star Wars” comic as Fox’s new “Fantastic 4” gets “real”

Not even the head honcho of Marvel Comics can resist the Force!
Not even the head honcho of Marvel Comics can resist the Force!

After the purchase of LucasArts by Disney, it is only a matter of time before “Star Wars” and all of its’ related licenses become owned by the massive company and thus fall under the umbrella of Marvel Comics. The “house of ideas” isn’t wasting any time in issuing their own “Star Wars” comics the moment the original deal with Dark Horse Comics expires (all but literally). Such an ongoing series will begin in January 2015 with the creative team of Jason Aaron (“Thor”,”Original Sin”, “Wolverine & the X-Men”, “Ghost Rider”), artist John Cassaday (“Astonishing X-Men”, “Uncanny Avengers”) and colorist Laura Martin. One may wonder who the fill in artist will be, as John Cassaday has rarely managed to draw a monthly comic book series without breaks for longer than three or four issues regardless of how much “lead in” time he has. Less than two days ago, the official “Star Wars”website offered an exclusive look at a wraparound variant cover drawn by chief creative officer Joe Quesada himself!

The head Marvel honcho gave a statement saying how thrilled he was to contribute to some aspect of Star Wars canon.“While each of us has had our unique moments of discovery and love affair with the property there’s nothing that I think I could say or add that hasn’t been said before and truthfully it really isn’t all that important because It’s that love for Star Wars that binds all of us who share those unique moments like the Force itself. That’s why when I was offered the opportunity to do this cover I was both thrilled beyond belief and as nervous as I was when I did my very first professional work over twenty years ago. To have the opportunity to illustrate the classic cast members in one piece has been by far one of the highlights of my career as an artist. I can only hope that it turned out okay and that maybe, just maybe, I get the chance to do it again someday,” Quesada said.

In related news, a franchise which has often been connected to outer space and Star Wars style intergalactic epics have been the Fantastic Four. Unfortunately, that franchise has been licensed to Fox for over a decade and they’ve mostly avoided that route. It seems that trend will continue according to what star Miles Teller tells about Josh Trank’s take on his “Fantastic Four” reboot. The actor, who plays Reed Richards in the film, states that, “It’s different in every way,” Miller states, ultimately seeing the core material as a “kitschy, overly comic-book world”. Despite all of the attention from casting Michael B. Jordan as Human Torch last year, Josh Trank’s “Fantastic Four” remains a rare major studio comic book film that nobody seems to know about. Principle photography is finished and the release date has been moved around at least once, yet Fox has yet to release a poster, trailer, teaser, or any sort of promotional images regarding the film. This is practically unheard of in this new era of superhero cinema. It seems the more about this film which is revealed, the more it seems as if Fox was more concerned with retaining a lucrative license than on producing something the studio was proud of, which would be similar to Constantin Film in 1994 – which produced an infamous Roger Corman directed film for the sole purpose of retaining such a license which has gone on to become a steady comic con bootleg.

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