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Emerging Kitchen Design Trends of 2017

Like most of the people, you also don’t like to cook at a place that’s messy. Women usually happen to go through a moment of dread and feel like screaming of a nightmare after they find their kitchen space entirely cluttered. Either you live in a rental apartment with a tiny kitchen or it’s the broad space that you own, it’s essential to be reasonable enough with kitchen to at least have designed so that it seems elegant.

Many are highly concerned about designing their kitchen but end up setting back because they might get the space compromised. First of all, one should understand that yummy, healthy and nourishing food can be prepared with an easy in almost any space. Brand names and highly expensive appliance aren’t the ones that carry all the magic to add taste in your food but it’s you actually.


One can get an elegant kitchen and stylish kitchen even with all the basic needs covered, rest is just no more than an icing on the cake. So let’s check out some trends for latest kitchen designs;

Metal Leads

For sure, metal has been prominently displayed in the kitchens for several years whether it’s stainless steel appliance or the worktops. The metal is still highly popular especially when it comes to the latest kitchen designs. In fact, the presence of metal in kitchen designing is becoming more subtle and less obvious. It’s suggested that you should try new variants of metal like metallic range hoods and oil-rubbed bronze faucets that make a huge difference to the look. Although, metals might be less of a focal point but it’s still used more as an accent.

Enticing Color Choices

Don’t say no if you kitchen design expert suggest you to go with natural hues and soft neutrals that are flanked by shades of white and cream. While thinking of remodeling your space in order to embellish it with latest kitchen designs, it’s essential to be open to all the suggestions regarding designs and major color pallets. Many have different taste for color but their kitchen space might go with something that not their best color option.

For instance, I like the combo of dark red and black but this combo won’t do well with my kitchen as it might be harsh to the eyes. That’s why it’s good to go with light, soft yet elegant options just like the one mentioned above.

Kitchen Space

Wide Space kitchen has happen to be the most preferable option as it give owner the convenience to move around in a relaxed yet less cluttered or jammed space. Mainly, the push for an open kitchen space is coming for a long time. In fact, contractors are nowadays usually asked to design the kitchen in such a ways that make is look wider even if they have to knock down a wall with destroy the entire look of the house. Besides that, homeowners also prefer enough space to mingle with other at the place that happens to be heart of the home.

Lighting Decisions

The time has passed with your kitchen ceiling was okay with no more than a traditional recessed lighting installed and an overhead lamp over the table. Since the trend has changes, the preference also undergoes changes quite much now. Homeowners are now more inclined towards complex lighting arrangements, lit corners inside and beneath cabinets, natural lighting from large windows and series of either LEDs or other colorful light fixtures over the ceiling.

For sure, perfect lighting does put a noteworthy impact over your kitchen. It just takes a bit of your brains that how you get benefited with the natural day light with big window or colorful soft artificial lighting in the evening.

In a nutshell, these are the emerging trends that have extensively embellished the kitchen design industry. So just implement these ideas to beautify you kitchen according to the latest trends.

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