Dynamite Entertainment unites their cowgirls in “Lady Rawhide/Lady Zorro” mini


During the height of the comic book “boom” in the early 90’s, trading card company Topps kicked off their own line of comics with “Topps Comics”. Among their library of titles was a new “Zorro” comic, and one heroine would go on to spin off from it and into her own place within the “bad girls” craze of the era. She was Lady Rawhide, created by Don McGregor and artist Mike Mayhew in 1994. Topps Comics may have folded in 1998, but the scantly clad cowgirl moved with Zorro to Dynamite Entertainment a decade later. Today (December 16th), ICv2 has announced that the original Zorro comic book spin off heroine will share a mini series with his newest one, “Lady Zorro”.

“Lady Rawhide/Lady Zorro” will be written by Shannon Eric Denton and drawn by Rey Villegas. Original Lady Rawhide artist Mike Mayhew will draw the cover to the first issue, which goes on sale in March 2015. Matt Wagner and John K. Snyder III created Lady Zorro for 2012’s “Zorro Rides Again” series, and she subsequently got her own Alex De Campi and Rey Villegas this year. Nothing is known about the plot or what adversaries the ladies will face. The cover alone it fascinating to compare a spin off heroine from 1994 with one from 2012 and simply see how the standard for such designs have changed. Why the “ladies”? Because “Rawhide” has long been a registered trademark by itself and it would apparently be impossible to tell her from the traditional Zorro.

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