Compare Melania Trump to Michelle Obama

Compare Melania Trump to Michelle Obama

Members of Millionaire Match, the world’s largest dating site for millionaires, offered insights today contrasting Michelle Obama with Melania Trump. The two women have been compared recently in light of allegations that Mrs. Trump plagiarized parts of her speech at the Republican National Convention from an earlier speech by Mrs. Obama. People on the site consider the rivalry between these two “power wives” to be highly relevant to the topic of finding and marrying a wealthy man.

“Our members are frequently pointing out that – first of all, Melania Trump and Michelle Obama are a great deal more alike than anyone gives them credit,” said a spokesperson for the site. “We are having a lot of members mention the fact that Michelle Obama is also married to a millionaire. She’s got beauty and brains. And, so does Melania. One perspective that’s interesting is that our fixation on the idea that she’s somehow a ‘dumb model’ is driven by our general intimidation by a woman who is very smart and very beautiful at the same time. We wish she were dumb. That would make our lives easier to deal with, but she’s not dumb at all.”

According to the users of Millionaire Match, the plagiarism issue is quite overblown. The phrases that were allegedly stolen from the Obama speech were generic. One Millionaire Match member asked, “Think about how a woman who learned English as an adult might go about writing a speech for national television.  Is it surprising that she used a few stock phrases that were also used in a speech by another person?”

One discussion thread on the site asked single women interested in dating wealthy men to think about how Melania Trump and Michelle Obama went about landing their respective husbands. “Was it just looks?” asked a comment. Another replied, “Of course, both women have looks. But, to date in the truly big leagues, as these women did, you have to have more. You have to showcase our smarts but in ways that are enticing, not threatening.”

It can be a challenging process to find a millionaire husband. Millionaire Match offers women a smooth path to finding Mr. Millionaire Right.  The site is intended to cut through the enormous amount of confusing advice online that aims to help women meet wealthy men. In the view of the site’s members, a lot of this advice is not worth much. For instance, sites like Futurescopes.com suggest that women who want to date rich men find him in the workplace. They suggest joining a non-profit.  Other sites recommend dying one’s hair a different color and so on. Millionaire Match makes it possible to meet in a calm, dignified online venue.

Millionaire Match, started a decade ago, works with a clientele that includes CEOs, pro athletes, doctors, lawyers, investors, entrepreneurs, beauty queens and super models. The site also caters to Hollywood celebrities who are all seeking serious, long-term relationships.   With more than 2,000,000 members, goes through a verification process for members who want to present themselves online as “millionaires.”  The verification involves a confidential review of personal financial statements, tax returns, and references.  Millionaire Match’s goal is to ensure that member profiles are accurate.

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