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Attractions in Dubai for Real Estate Investors

The recently developed projects in Dubai have benefited real estate investors in many ways. These benefits have encouraged more global investors to invest in Dubai real estate. Apart from these investors, some major global constructors are also taking much interest in Dubai real estate after the success of these recently developed projects.

Dubai for Real Estate Investors

Newly developed projects

The city of Dubai today offers a huge range of real estate developments for all investment ranges, serving all types of investors. The developments which are an enormous attraction for investors are residential, commercial as well ashospitality projects.  Developments like Azizi’s Al Furjan project and Vincitore’sArjan project made many global investors decide to invest in Dubai real estate. Apart from these two, there are some more highly luxurious projects which act as a force of attraction for real estate investors. These projects are Museum of the Future, Bluewaters Island, Dubai Frame, Dubai Creek Harbour, Dubai Water Canal, Dubai theme parks, Deira Island, Al Mamzar Beachfront and some other projects. There are several factors, which lead to these projects being attractive to investors, which are explained further in this article.

The virtuous business circle of Dubai provides a guaranteed return on real estate investments, as more and more companies come to the UAE to invest and build new hotels and superior as well as luxurious residential projects.On the other hand, business owners and tourists who have a high demand for accommodation in Dubai, make it possible to keep the real estate market fully active, heated and balanced between supply and demand.

Real Estate

Real Estate Environment

The real estate environment created by the UAE in recent yearsdemandedsome of the best countries and companies to invest in Dubai. Not only the number, but the luxury and quick development of these projects have also fascinated many investors to invest in Dubai real estate.

After the real estate bubble burst in 2008, which also affected the UAE, the regulations set by the state have risen sharply. The government has come to inhibit speculators by doubling transaction fees and creating rules to help investors get compensation if real estate projects are canceled. This combination of new rules and a stable economic scenario and the existence of demand for purchase of these new projects helped in bringing new investments.

Expo 2020

In addition, with a number of new government-sponsored projects and a choice of Dubai to host the 2020 World Business Fair, more and more companies are preparing to be present in the UAE and to participate in this new international market that is opening up, and increasing day by day in both business and real estate sectors.

Attractive Business Infrastructure

In fact, the UAE was able to create an entire business infrastructure that would feed and grow, enabling good results for all, thus attracting more and more business opportunities that would bring improvement for its population. In this environment the real estate market has grown in the past, is currently growing and will continue to grow to meet the demand of Dubai and its residents, visitors and tenants.


Throughout her career, Sarah Feldman has worked as a correspondent with global property consultants and researched about different development projects like The 118 Dubai, Estella Villas, XXII Carat, Bromellia Villas and other luxury residential projects. She attended many conferences and seminars of property consultants which made her produce her own genuine property content work.

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