Advertise - Advertise is one of the fastest growing websites for local news and information. Serving 234 markets , connects consumers with a premium blend of news and information from the best local sources.


The site is segmented into city editions, offering geo-targeted banner advertising opportunities within the major metropolitan cities across the world. Banner ad campaigns may also be targeted to 25 content categories such as Sports, Arts & Entertainment, Business & Finance, and Gadgets & Tech.

Banner ads can be targeted by city edition and content category, or in any combination.


With over 18.6 million monthly unique visitors in August 2011, attracts an affluent, well-educated demographic:

61% Ages 25-54
42% Have an HHI of $75k+ users 41% more likely to be a college or post graduate degree than the average online user.



Available ad sizes:

  • 728x90 Leaderboard
  • 300x250 Rectangle
  • 300x600 Rectangle
  • 950x60 Sliding Billboard (expands to 950x300)
  • 133x130 Peelback (expands to 650x650)

Creative Specs

All ads must follow these creative specs:
  • Maximum polite file sizes are 40k .jpg .gif .swf or rich media
  • Maximum animation time is 15 seconds (includes up to 3 loops)
  • Rich media units require user initiated expansion
  • Sounds must be user initiated
  • All click-throughs open in a new browser window
  • Ads cannot be disguised as news or mimic site functionality

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