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9 Fashion Accessories to Own This Summer 2016

Summer is still a few months away but who says you can’t start collecting fashion accessories that you can wear with your floral dresses and skimpy shorts so you’ll look fab and gorgeous in June? Here’s a list of the top jewelry trends for summer that fashionistas must have:


  1. Chokers

Chokers were all the rage in the 1990s and they’re back with a vengeance. Many recent fashion shows have models strutting the runway with chokers on their neck and these lovely pieces may or may not have any embellishments. They also come in many different sizes.

Massive jewelry

  1. Massive jewelry

We’ve seen models wearing drop earrings in the latest Vivienne Westwood fashion show, huge flower necklaces in Anna Sui’s show as well as the gigantic bracelets worn by Calvin Klein models.

Arm cuffs, ear cuffs and midi rings

  1. Arm cuffs, ear cuffs and midi rings

Wear a couple of gold arm cuffs higher up the forearm or simply let these fashion accessories dangle off your wrist.Want to look like a rock star? Get fake multiple piercings with an ear cuff or two.

You can also stack several sets of midi rings on one finger and you’ll look effortlessly cool on a sizzling hot summer day.

Ankle chains

  1. Ankle chains

Anklets were very popular in the 20th century and they’re making a comeback. Tiny anklets made of gold and silver have been spotted at the Chloe show and we’ve seen two-layered anklets by Marc Jacobs.

Chandelier earrings

  1. Chandelier earrings

Here’s another fashion accessory that’s making a return in the fashion scene. Intricate chandelier earrings are set to become a trend once again this summer due to their multifunctional character, which enables them to be worn on various occasions. These earrings give the wearer a bohemian, chic and free spirited vibe and that’s always great for summer.

Multi-styled scarves

  1. Multi-styled scarves

Warm months are always ideal for trendy pieces that can set the tone to your overall look. This summer, wear tulle scarves that you can tie into a romantic bow or even a neckerchief that resembles a necklace. Short scarves with floral motifs are also great for tying around the wrist.

Leather belts

  1. Leather belts

We’ve seen plenty of leather at Valentino and models are wearing wide leather belts over knitted blouses. Louis Vuitton also showcased leather belts that are knotted around the buckles creatively.

Fancy fringed bags

  1. Fancy fringed bags

Fringed fashion items have been around for sometime now but this year, expect to see amusing colors, fancy designs and quirky twists on these fringed handbags. Check out Tory Burch’s collection, which is distinctively 1970s. Roberto Cavalli’s are also fantastic.

Structured square bags

  1. Structured square bags

We’ve been seeing these structured square bags on the runways lately and they are clearly defined on each side. The pieces from Zimmerman have alligator skin, while Sophia Webster’s have spectacular designs. But everyone’s favorite is naturally the boxy bags from Dolce and Gabbana.

Spring is almost here and pretty soon it will be summer. If you want to look fashionable in June, start shopping for these trendy items before everyone else does.

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