6 Things Your Skin Doctor Can Do To Make You Look Younger


Dermatologists are superheroes without capes, but with some extra powers. They may not eradicate evil from the face of the planet earth, but they can surely remove what’s causing you to look less prettier.

Dermatologists can perform a number of treatments to make you look younger and prettier. This includes everything from giving you fuller lips to changing the shape of your nose, and most of this can be done within a few hours.

1. They Can Give You a Firm Skin

This is usually done with the help of radio-frequency waves. The procedure is painful but given the results, it is worth the pain. There are a number of treatments for droopy skin, including Thermage which causes microscopic fissures in your skin with the help of radio-frequency waves. The fissures stimulate the production of collagen causing the skin to tighten. The procedure is usually performed on areas that are easily sagged, such as face, knees, neck and jowls.

The results begin to appear within four to six months, but can be a little too painful for some. If your pain tolerance is low, you can consider eTwo laser, which uses lighter rays and hence is less painful.

2. They Can Remove Lines

Wrinkles are a sign of aging, and most of us despise such signs. They can appear due to a number of reasons, including frowning and smoking. Fortunately, there are treatments for this issue. Belotero Balance, a recently approved hyaluronic acid filler, can do this well by diminishing all kinds of lines, including the deepest ones.

It is a new solution that spreads out in an even manner, removing the need to inject it deep into the skin. It is composed of tiny particles and a unique texture making it easy for it to give you a bump-free skin. It can cure a number of skin conditions including crow’s feet. Also, it is less problematic when compared to other solutions since it only penetrates the top layers of the skin, unlike other options that are injected deeply.

3. They Can Change Your Skin Color

It does not matter what you want, a whiter skin or an even skin tone, your dermatologist can be of help. OTC brightening agents and home skin care remedies are hardly as effective as a professional treatment.

Your dermatologist can give you a brighter skin with the help Photodynamic rejuvenation. This treatment helps bring back your natural skin color that is affected by the sun rays. This can be performed on your face, arms, and legs. The treatment also has several other health benefits. It combines aminolevulinic acid, a topical drug, with Intense Pulsed Light. This treatment is also linked to cancer as it helps kill precancerous cells, according to this report.

Other than this, your doctor may use Trichloroacetic acid, which is used to remove hyperpigmentation and sun damage. However, this treatment may leave scabs that take around two weeks to fully heal. But, a new form of Trichloroacetic acid, also called TCA, tends to perform the job without any side effect.

4. They Can Change The Shape Of Your Nose

Nose, one of the most common signs of aging, is also the part that is most commonly operated on. The shape of your nose can completely change how you look, and a number of celebs have undergone the knife to get a sharper nose.

You do not, however, need plastic surgery to change how your nose looks. Minor issues can be sorted with the help of a filler. It can be done by injecting the filler into the the bony line, called dorsum. The filler correct imperfections and bumps while making the skin looks slim. For better results Botox can also be used, which can lift up the tip of your nose.

5. They Can Work on Your Neck

Your neck can make you older since it begins to protrude and enlarge as we age. Plus, your neck muscles and your face muscles are also connected, which can cause your face to pull downward.

A number of people wear turtlenecks to hide their neck, neglecting the fact that the neck might be causing your face to look downward. The solution is simple and can be attained with the help of Botox. It relaxes the neck and also softens the wrinkles; the end result is a face lift. However, the results of Botox are temporary, and requires regular visits to the doctor.

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